Kirby Morgan 57 Risky Diving Helmet Is Zissou-Worthy

At $5,900, the Kirby Morgan 57 Diving Helmet is way out of the budget of most scuba diving lovers and Jacques Costeau-wannabes. But don't worry because you don't need one of these underwater wonders unless you want to get down to the pits of hell or dive into biologically contaminated water—like the bottom of a sewage treating tank, shipwrecks with dangerous cargo, public swimming pools, and my bathtub. This is why you need its fiberglass and carbon fiber shell with temperature and electrical charge insulation, defogging valve, ultra-secure latch system, and a quad-valve exhaust system that apparently makes the helmet extremely dry with no breathing performance penalty. Amazing, but—does it have FM radio receiver? That's what we really want to know.

Head to Wired to see the whole video and read more about the KM57. [Kirby Morgan via Wired]


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