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KitchenAid's SodaStream Machines Look Transplanted From a Fifties Diner

Illustration for article titled KitchenAids SodaStream Machines Look Transplanted From a Fifties Diner

They might make it slightly cheaper to produce your own carbonated beverages at home, but those SodaStream machines aren't exactly the loveliest things you can put on your kitchen counter. Thankfully, the company has teamed up with KitchenAid who's given the machines a retro makeover and an all-metal design so they'll survive years of making beverages bubbly.


Each of these machines weighs about 20 pounds, so there's no doubt that KitchenAid has built them to be robust. But all that metal and weight also means it's all but impossible to accidentally tip them over. Of course, you'll be paying a premium for that durability. The cheapest SodaStream machines run about $70, but KitchenAid's offering will set you back $200. However, you do get to choose one of eight different brighly colored finishes including tangerine, empire red, and green apple, which could make the extra coin worth it. [KitchenAid via TheGadgeteer]

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Since I have yet to hear anyone claim this produces "better" bubbly water than store bought seltzer, the only excuse I can see for one is the cost savings. But if that's the case, that $130 price differential is going to really extend the time until you break even...