KleerDrain KD100 CO2-Powered Clog Buster

While this model looks as cool as all get out, I had a horrible time trying to figure out the KleerDrain website. This video, which I couldn't find on the site, shows the latest KleerDrain product— the KD100— pounding a simulated nut log into submission by sending a huge burst of gas through the pipes.


Apparently this thing is available at Home Depot, although I don't think I've seen it. They're also sponsoring a contest asking users to "take a creative or unique photo with your Kleer Drain." Now I'm all for creativity, but the situations in which you'd use a KleerDrain, creative or otherwise, are either illegal or extremely gross. However, you can win a nice camera.

Product Page [KleerDrain via BoingBoing]