Knight Rider to Return—Who Can Fill The Hoff's Leather Pants?

Illustration for article titled Knight Rider to Return—Who Can Fill The Hoffs Leather Pants?

Kitt and Michael Knight, the Sonny and Cher of the '80s, are to make a return. NBC is apparently in talks with Doug Liman, director of Mr and Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity to bring Knight Rider back, but this time with a Transformers-style twist, with evil cars chasing our be-permed hero and his wheels. A two-hour pilot is already in the offing, with Liman in a producer's role. But screw all that behind-the-scenes guff—what we want to know is:

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Deadspin in Carbonite

Two words: Wesley Snipes

American Gladiators is also coming back praise god.

@DashTheHand: I remember knight rider 2000 but I dream of the moment I land upon the others.