Knuckle Cracking is Probably Not Dangerous, Just Annoying

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Is cracking your knuckles dangerous? Is it really going to give you arthritis, or, like the rumor that gum will sit in your stomach for seven years, is this just another thing your mom made up to straighten out your bad habits?


For those who've made a lifelong habit of creaking and cracking their joints, fear not: The science is (mostly) on your side. That is, your knuckle cracking habit will probably do little more than irritate the hell out of the loved ones and co-workers who have to be around you all day.

But if you're concerned, watch this video, which does a nice job breaking down the science of knuckle-cracking in less than two minutes. And if you still can't make up your mind after that, well, you could always do as Donald Unger did, and crack only one hand for the rest of your life to see what happens. [Vox]

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The linked video starts at 0:40. You'll want to remove the "&t=40" from the end of the link so that it starts at the beginning.