Korean Scientists Closer To Fusion?

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Korean scientists are one step further in reaching sustainable fusion reactors. In an experiment for the National Fusion Research Institute, scientists were able to achieve a form of supercharged plasma for 249 milliseconds, almost two and a half times longer than they had anticipated. It's a new form of plasma that can be used to generate electricity in a manner similar to conventional nuclear plants but with far less radioactive waste. We think that's cool. So do bears. [Korea Times]


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Ok, so how long until we can build these to the size of a pocket watch using spare car and missile parts and use them to power exoskeletons?


But really, despite the fact that it would defy the laws of physics to have an unlimited energy source, making one would be fine if it works out somehow. The major problem for any unlimited, or at least long-lasting, energy source is going to be funding; it'd be bad business for the current energy industry if something like that were ever to come to fruition.