Kotaku Confirms Rumor: UMDs Pulled From Target Stores

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Following up a post from yesterday, we heard a Target employee noticed prerecorded movies distributed on Sony UMDs (an acronym meaning UnMitigated Disaster, um, rather, Universal Media Disc) were suddenly absent from the store where he worked, and from other Target locations, too.


Now our beloved brothers at Kotaku have found confirmation from another reader, saying the chain has decided to devote shelf space to other products, but noted that Target will keep trying to move those slow-selling PlayStation portable UMD disks on its web site.

Kotaku sleuths further confirmed by calling a couple of local Target stores, which admitted that the doomed UMD products were indeed no longer on sale at Target retail outlets. Can every other store in the world be far behind? Die, UMD, die! And every other proprietary format! And the horse you rode in on!

Rumor Confirmed: Target Pulls UMDs From Stores [Kotaku]



FWIW - Sony likely make much more money on beta as used for professional video production than they ever would have had it become the consumer video tape standard.

Minidisc was useful as a high-end portable recording until flash memory prices got low enough to make them useless.

Like countb says, UMD is still useful for portable game distribution. The reality is that the bleeding edge types that are willing to watch a movie on a PSP are willing to compress it themselves and get it there by other mechanisms.

What Sony SHOULD learn about this is a WRITEABLE format may well make money for you down the road through unforseen usage, but a READ-ONLY format can only succeed where you initially position it.

I can put HD quality video on a burnable DVD rom and play it back, while both of the high-def DVD formats are so ate up with DRM as to be essentially read-only. They both deserve to die.