If you thought bath salts were bad, you should know about Krokodil. Gaining popularity in Siberia (at least as off 2011) Krokodil is a crazy, toxic mixture of eye drops, caffeine, and gasoline, that's cooked and injected. Yeah. You want to know more? Of course you do, and that's where Krokodil Tears comes in.

Produced by VICE, Krokodil Tears is a stark, depressing little documentary that peeks into the day to day life of desperate junkies who are willing to shoot up this vile witches brew, despite the fact that it will eventually cause them to literally rot. Obviously, this trip takes you through all kinds of abandoned buildings and flophouses, so it's not exactly an uplifting film, but it's not without its hope-spots. So sit back, have a drink (or 5), smoke a pack of cigarettes, sniff some glue, huff some paint—you know, your safe drugs—and be thankful you aren't in a flophouse tonight. Unless you are, in which case, you should huff more paint, but say no to Krokodil. [YouTube]