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Yesterday was the first day of fall where I audibly said the words "damn, it's cold." Now, I actually love colder months as opposed to the sweat-inducing alternative, but that doesn't mean I don't get nostalgic when I know I'll soon be sentenced to the dreary, chapped-lipped months of northeastern winters. In these times of sunny reminiscence, I can't help but turn to the Seattle-based surf-rock group La Luz.


This band has primarily survived on the periphery of my musical consciousness for the better part of year. I've always loved their songs, and even gave It's Alive a listen once or twice when it dropped last year, but as is true for many bands, seeing them live changed everything. I was able to catch a truncated La Luz set when they opened for Ty Segall (Have you listened to Manipulator yet? Wow) in New York last month. The four-piece band was absolutely amazing, filling the club with salty Pacific tunes reminiscent of The Beach Boys' combined with the grunge of The Pixies.

It's Alive is the album to listen to as the last warm days of 2014 die away, if they haven't already that is. Fast-tempo songs like "Sure as Spring" mix with drowsy tracks like "What Good Am I?" and all provide that familiar surfer vibrato. Lead singer Shana Cleveland's vocal sometimes stands alone or blends in with a chorus that matches the band's lazing surfer attitude.


It's Alive is the perfect comfort during the dreariest days of winter, when breezy beaches and sun-filled surfer weekends seem like a fantasy, but La Luz is there to remind you otherwise. [Spotify]

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