Lance Armstrong's 12 Screws and Metal Plate in Collarbone Make Him a Low-Grade Cyborg

Lance Armstrong received surgery to more quickly fix his collarbone, which was broken into 4 pieces during a bicycle race in Spain. I wonder if he knows that the metal from the screws can set off the metal detectors in airports sometimes. (I have a titanium rod in my left tibia and the left over screw shavings set off the alarms 50% of the time, especially in higher security airports. True, as confirmed by the hand wands during the manual pat down.)

He'll be back on a training bike in a few days, with his chances for the Tour in July still up in the air. Feel better, Lance. Have them install some synthetic muscles in there while you're recovering. [SFgate, Deadspin, Twitter, Twitpic]




The plate and screws are not sufficient to set off a metal detector. I have a 10-hole plate from the same ORIF procedure on my collarbone, and have never set off a detector. The wand they use for the search will go off when they pass over the area.