Land, Sea, and Air: This RC Car Goes Anywhere

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Saving the indecisive from having to choose between an RC boat, an RC car, or an RC helicopter, Takara Tomy has released an all-terrain remote control toy that can be used on water, dry land, or even take to the air—and all without having to reconfigure the toy with extra floats, wings, or wheels.

Right out of the box it's able to skim across the surface of a pond, tear down a road, or take off without the need for any runway space. A set of four-oversized hollow wheels ensures the lightweight craft won't sink when touching down on water, and even if a rough landing sees it getting soaked, all of the electronics and components are sealed and water-proof.

The $86 toy is powered by four tiny shielded propellers, with the front two being angled slightly forward to provide lift as well as forward propulsion. And its rechargeable battery will leach off the included controller that you fill with six AA batteries, as is pretty common for flying RC toys these days to keep their weight to a minimum. [Takara Tomy via Akihabara News]

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Kesava Anderson

That looks super stable and easy to steer.