Like a child who hopes to feel like a grownup by putting on their parent's clothing, Philips' new S10 cordless handset could easily be mistaken for a modern smartphone. But it's not. It's a complete fraud! Silly landline, you're not fooling anyone with your grownup disguise.

Now as landline phones go the S10 is certainly the cream of the crop, with a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen interface and a metal housing. But since the crop hasn't changed much since the 1980s, that's not saying much. Functionality barely goes past your standard handset with a more graphical treatment for contacts and call history, and the ability to jot down notes with your finger. Yawn.


The one bright spot is the handset's ability to be paired with a real smartphone over Bluetooth, letting you use it for taking or placing calls in lieu of your more capable device. But since a subsidized price tag through a contract really isn't an option here, the S10 will most likely cost a small fortune, which is hard to justify for a near-extinct piece of technology.

[Philips via ChipChick]

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