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All right, folks, it's been a week since the contest ended and after many late nights full of movie watching and debate between the Gizmodo staff, we have finally decided on the final 10. They will be going in a no-holds-barred voting battle where you, the savvy readers of Gizmodo, will decide on a winner. If you recall, the object of this contest was to create a one-minute-long film that followed the film noir theme. The winner will receive a Lenovo laptop valued at $1,499. After a slow start, we ended up getting over 100 entries. Check out all of the entries here.


A big thanks goes out to all of the readers who entered and also Lenovo for sponsoring this contest and providing the laptop.

The first five finalists after the jump.

Laptop Lunacy

Her Name Was Gizmodo

Sucker for Dames