Laptops Are Getting New Super Durable Gorilla Glass

Corning has a new version of its ultra-tough touchscreen glass called Gorilla Glass NBT, meant for touchscreen notebooks.

What makes Gorilla Glass NBT so good? Many of the displays on laptops are made from soda lime glass. But Gorilla Glass NBT is made from a different material altogether, and while Corning doesn't exactly divulge what magic that is, it's supposed to be more scratch resistant and have less scratch visibility. So it's more impervious to the regular swiping and tapping that could scuff up a touchscreen device. It's also thinner and lighter, and cheaper than industry standards. Gorilla Glass NBT isn't going to show up in devices until next year. So what this means for you is if you're particularly clumsy you might want to hold out before you upgrade to Windows 8. [Corning]


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