Lawmaker Says He Didn't Mean to Print the Screenshot With the Open Porn Tabs

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When State Representative Ramon A. Perez says he didn’t mean to print a screenshot of a Wikipedia page with open porn tabs, we believe him. When he says that he didn’t realize the open porn tabs were visible when he handed out the page, we believe him. When he says that he didn’t personally take the screenshot, it’s a little harder for us to believe him.


On Wednesday, Perez gave his colleagues in the Rhode Island State Senate a handout of a printed Wikipedia page. He just wanted to provide some information about the Puerto Rico Automobile Accident Compensation Administration as a supplement to his support for a bill. But keen observers on the committee noticed numerous tabs open at the top of the screenshot that were offering varieties of porn. It’s kind of hard to make out exactly what porn was being perused by the screenshotter but it appears the selections range from teens to MILFs.

Sceenshot of Perez statement on his Facebook via ABC 6 News

The screenshot above constituted Perez’s official statement on the matter, according to ABC 6 News. It seems to have been deleted since then. But kudos to Perez for providing the documentation we were looking for. The representative is owning the mistake, to a degree, but he’s passing off the origin of the screenshot on an unnamed “friend.” He tells ABC 6, “I was asking a friend if they know something about it. So a friend sent me that picture with the information I was looking for. I used that picture to make copies. I didn’t see the stuff at the top.”

It’s sad, because Perez could’ve just gone to the page himself and printed it out in the browser with nice hard-copy formatting. Alas, he took the lazy way out and printed an image. You have to feel a little bad for him now that some uptight colleagues are wagging their finger. “Everyone is watching every move he makes. He’s already half way across the bridge to nowhere in my mind,” Representative Teresa Tanzi tells ABC 6. Perez acknowledges that “Now I think everyone is looking at me differently.” And for what? Watching some porn? That sucks if a friend really did send the image, but if not, just own it. You watched a little porn, no big deal. Even if it’s tentacle porn, take no shame in your game.


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