Lawsuit Accusing Apple and AT&T of an iPhone Monopoly Granted Class-Action Status

Image for article titled Lawsuit Accusing Apple and AT&T of an iPhone Monopoly Granted Class-Action Status

A complaint titled "Apple & ATTM Antitrust Litigation" has been granted class-action status by judge James Ware of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The complaint accuses Apple and AT&T of forming an iPhone monopoly.


The class-action status designation on this complaint signifies that "the plaintiffs now represent everybody who's bought an iPhone in the United States." Those plaintiffs claim that Apple and AT&T arranged a monopoly:

Originally filed in 2007, the class-action lawsuit alleged that Apple and AT&T had illegally exerted a monopoly by telling customers their iPhone contract was two years long when in actuality the companies' exclusivity agreement was for an indefinite, undisclosed amount of time. That means even after iPhone customers' two-year contracts have expired, they still don't have the option of switching to another carrier because AT&T is still Apple's only U.S. partner.

Since that original filing, it has been revealed that Apple and AT&T did sign a five year agreement in 2007 which appears to be part of what pushed the status change on this complaint.

According to Wired, Apple and AT&T have apparently declined to comment on the status of this complaint. [Court Documents (PDF); Wired]



well hey, if the iphone is treated special from all other phones, then why not

/sarcasm off/ seriously though, this is quite silly... nobody's making you buy an iPhone, and there's nothing preventing you from switching to a new phone... just because you can not get a certain device with a certain carrier does not mean there's an illegal monopoly going on there

its just like the NFL having an exclusive licensing deal with EA for football video games... sucks that there's no real competition for pro football games, but that's what they independently decided to do