Because the various spheres can be individually inflated and deflated, the bed can automatically adjust how it supports a sleeper's body over an evening, even keeping track of where someone is as they roll around. And with built-in Wi-Fi support, the Balluga can even be controlled using a smartphone or other mobile device, letting someone activate relaxing massages or tweak how soft their sleep is.

Under bed lighting helps ensure you can find your way to and from the bathroom when it's dark out. And despite being in a bedroom, multimedia features like a projector and surround sound system let you fall asleep in a home theater.


But what could be the Balluga's greatest feature is its climate control capabilities. There's a lot of space between those inflatable spheres which allows hot or cold air from an integrated fan to flow through the infrastructure and either dissipate heat from a sleeper, or warm them from beneath. When it's eventually available the Balluga will no doubt cost a small fortune, but it could be worth every penny if it means you'll never have to fight with your sheets again to keep your body temperature regulated overnight. [Balluga via Inventor Spot]