Leaked Palm Treo 850 Specs: Hurray for Wi-Fi

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Fresh off those leaked spy shots of Palm's Treo 850 is some more espionage in the form of meaty specs. This source is unproven (and the info comes from a "friend who works at Palm") so don't take these as hard rumors, yet. The big whoop is Wi-Fi for the first time, while the other stuff is more run o' the mill: HSDPA, 320x320 touchscreen, 2MP cam, microSD, 256MB onboard memory plus 32MB SDRAM, miniUSB and WinMo 6.1. The RAM spec conflicts with what BGR said, 100MB. Again, this source is not battle-tested, but here's hoping they're right about the Wi-Fi at least. [TamsPPC]



I think the Palm development department gets their ideas from purchasing old stuff on Ebay and copying that.