Welp, it’s about that time. We’re anxiously fidgeting over Google’s upcoming Nexus event on September 29. But luckily, right on schedule press renders of Google’s latest and greatest have popped up on the internet–and this time around, Android Police has the exclusive.

The renders pretty much confirm all the leaks we’ve seen over the past several months. LG and Huawei are making them, they’re 5.2 and 5.7-inch smartphones respectively, and they’re coming with some weird hardware additions. Like this strange camera module on the Huawei Nexus, reportedly called the 6P:


Looks like we’ll also be getting white and black options, as is tradition when it comes to Nexus phones, but also an icy blue option:

And hey, if you want some idea of what beautiful boxes these phones will be coming in, well Android Police got that, too.


All that’s really left is to get a little bit of hands-on time to see how these guys work, and if they can once again become the de facto handset for anyone who wants to try the very best that Android has to offer. [Android Police]

Apple’s Next Brawn: According to a somewhat questionable rumor, Apple’s next powerful processor, the A10, could be a six-core processor, and could possibly be supplied by Intel. However, Apple Insider thinks such a change would be unlikely. First, the jump would completely pass the quad-core category and the extra cores would require battery sacrifices. We’ve got lots of time to ponder this question. [Apple Insider]


NFL drones are coming: Despite the regulatory nightmare currently facing the FAA when it comes to drones, one of the largest sports organizations in the U.S., the NFL, has secured permission to use drones in broadcasts. Of course, this comes with a few exceptions: The drones must weigh less than 55 pounds, fly no higher than 400 feet, and zoom around at a speed lower than 100 mph. Seems reasonable! Looks like football broadcasts are about to up their game. [Bloomberg]

Apple at the movies: A new app, revealed by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, shows Apple working on an app to help you keep track of films–whether viewing new trailers or getting reminders when anticipated films come to a theater near you. This seems like a cool idea, but as a separate app? I’m not so certain. Would be better if Apple could bake it right into its new Proactive Siri capability? We’ll see. [Patently Apple]


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