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Leaked Specs Could Mean the Samsung Galaxy Tab Disappoints

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've already heard how some are now disappointed in their iPad screen after using an iPhone 4, but judging by the Samsung Galaxy Tab's rumored specs, leaked in a firmware release, it could be the same story here.


The 7-inch tablet may be a few inches smaller than the iPad, but with a purported resolution of 480 x 800 it will look ghastly next to the 4-inch Galaxy S smartphone it's modeled on, which will have the exact same resolution. It's not exactly the Super AMOLED we once heard about.


Likewise, the rumored resolution of the back-facing webcam sounds similarly disappointing, said to be shooting in 2048 x 1536 res—that is, QXGA at 3.1MP. The forward-facing webcam is even lower quality, at QVGA quality—320 x 240.

Other specs gleaned from the European firmware release point at an S5PC110 processor clocked at 1GHz (so, another shared quality with the Galaxy S smartphone), along with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, JavaScript 1.5 and Swype.

Now, this could all be a load of baloney, so don't go rushing out and buy some other tablet before Samsung unveils its Galaxy Tab at the IFA electronics show early next month. No longer am I holding my breath, though. [Samsung Firmware via OLED-Display]

UPDATE: There's some discussion over the authenticity of the screen resolution claims—with some pointing at a res of 1024 x 600, instead. [Thanks, Karl!]