Leaked Photo of Samsung Galaxy Tab Shows 7-Inch Android Tablet

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Does that screen look extra-bright to you? According to rumors, Samsung's first proper tablet (after the Q1) will stock their SUPER AMOLED display. Seen here is the first leaked photo of the Galaxy Tab, next to the Galaxy S phone.


It came via the South African Samsung team's Twitter account, with the tweet describing it as 'Android-powered,' promising 'more pics to follow.' After a tweeter asked for more details, the @SamsungBlogSA account replied saying it measures 7-inches, and "has a high-res TFT screen. At the top-end it has a 3.5mm jack."


Glad they confirmed the location and presence of the jack, because that's exactly the sort of information we like to hear first.

The Twitter account promised it'd be launched in South Africa, but intriguing didn't mention whether it can actually make calls or not—you may've noticed there's a "phone" icon located on the TouchWiz UI. [Twitter via SlashGear]

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Remember when people said the iPad looks like a big iPhone, and then it was shown how a widescreen tablet looks silly? Yeah, uh, that's what I'm seeing here. A giant friggin' cellphone and it really just looks wrong. Then again, it could be for this guy: [damncoolpics.blogspot.com]