I've Completely Ditched My iPad For the iPhone 4

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Three months ago I couldn't imagine a life without my iPad's big beautiful screen. Today, I am living that life, having ditched my iPad for the iPhone 4, almost completely. What the shit.

It's mostly the screen. The res is the same, but I really got used to not being able to pick out the pixels on the tight little package. With the bumper, the iPhone's handfeel better for casual use than the iPad with its deceptively dense form factor that is hard to hold with one hand, as you would a magazine or other object of that size.

But it's also the apps. The initial rush of iPad apps was ok, but we expected more. And after looking over our weekly app roundups, it's clear that developers aren't working as hard on the iPad versions. They're just not coming. Our theory is that the iPhone's greater body of devices makes it a naturally better target. That body of potential customers is, of course, supplemented by the iPad, which can run the iPhone apps in higher or lower resolution, no problem. The iPad apps, however, remain an island. It's sad. Maybe iPad apps will get more attention once devs build out more iPhone 4 apps with higher resolution assets which can be used on the bigger multitouch device. But the fact that the iPad can use iPhone apps and not the other way around sets the precedence for which platform is the primary form factor to build for. That won't change.


Here's where I feel a little terrible: Imagine if the iPhone 4 launched before the iPad? I can say with certainty that I would have not purchased an iPad. And now, I'm considering selling mine to help pay for a notebook computer that I need pretty badly.

I bothered a few people on staff about this with iPads and iPhone 4s and almost all of them have stopped using the iPad entirely in exchange for the iPhone 4. Most iPhone 3gs users on staff with both are still using both, so it's not just the addition of OS 4. (Although that doesn't help since the iPad won't get this update till this fall.)

How about you?


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Here's my favorite line - "And now, I'm considering selling mine to help pay for a notebook computer that I need pretty badly."