Leaked T-Mobile HTC HD7 Looks Gigantically Awesome

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As a successor to the tragedy that was the HTC HD2, the HTC HD7 actually has a chance to be the awesome. It packs updated hardware in a more gorgeous body while running Windows Phone 7.


The accompanying leaked specs: same 4.3" ginormous 800x480 screen and same 5-megapixel camera but boosted 576MB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage. The actual design of the phone is slightly updated but it's not a drastic change from the huge slab of glass we've grown fond of. No mention of whether the HD7 can do HSPA+ and take advantage of T-Mobile's "4G" speeds though.

Everything we'll need to know about Windows Phone 7's launch details will be revealed tomorrow, October 11th. [TmoNews]



What's with the paltry 16GB? They need a minimum of 32GB, and if they offered a 64GB, I'd buy it.