Leaked Verizon Docs Outline Upcoming Phones From Motorola, BlackBerry, LG

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A set of documents have leaked out this afternoon detailing release dates, names and pricing for a number of Verizon handsets, including the BlackBerry Storm 2 and Curve tandem.

Also topping the list was a swiveling, twisting Nokia 7705 for $230, set for a late September release.


The aforementioned BlackBerry handsets, Curve and Storm 2, will drop sometime in late November and October, respectively. Cost was not listed for either phone, but past pricing conventions might mean a $50 to $100 subsidized price is a safe guess.

The LG entry is the Chocolate Touch, which is scheduled to arrive in October for $230. An HTC offering, called the "Razzle/Blitz 2," will share that same release window.


Lastly, the docs have the Samsung Intensity nestled into a September launch window for $130. [BGR]