Leap Motion's Sick 3D Gesture Control Hardware Will Only Cost $80

Leap Motion's amazing-looking gesture control debuted last May, and it's had developers crawling all over it ever since. Now, the company is finally getting ready to sell it to you—and it'll only cost $80.


According to Leap Motion, the new technology is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market, capable of imaging all ten of your fingers, over a 150-degree field of view, at 290 frames per second. Supposedly accurate to around a hundredth of a millimeter, the device monitors a space four cubic feet in size, and can deftly track individual finger tips, the whole hand, or inanimate objects. The video above shows how impressive it's set to be.

Initially the device will be supported in Windows 7 or 8, and Mac OS 10.7 or 10.8. Having had over 12,000 developers working with it over the last year, at launch there will be compatible software available through the company's own Airspace app store. It'll feature programs from the likes of Autodesk and Corel, as well as a bunch of games including Sugar Rush and Cut the Rope. No doubt that list will grow swiftly.

Pre-orders of the device will ship from May 13th, and it will then go on sale in Best Buy stores from May 19th, for $80. At that price, this thing looks set to fly off the shelves.



I've had one preordered for over a year. It will be fun to try out, but ultimately this will be a fad that will die out. While gesture is a very interesting way to interact with computers, it is far less efficient than our two best current options - mouse and touchscreen. No one wants to be waving their hands in the air. Small, accurate, efficient movements (like pushing a button or moving a mouse) are always preferred, and this is moving in the opposite direction. It's hype is being fueled by the fact that it looks like something from the future (Minority Report), but think about it for a minute - what are you really going to use this for that's better than the current best option? Art? 3D modeling? Give it one try and I think you'll change your mind.