Leapfrog Crammer Helps With the Late Night Revision

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At some point in our lives, we were cramming for exams that we had no chance of passing. It is unfortunate then that we did not have the Leapfrog Crammer at our disposal, which would have permitted us to create customized digital flashcards for viewing whilst listening to our tunes.

As it goes, our preparation consisted of only listening to our tunes, which wasn't nearly as much help as the flashcards would have been. Retailing at $59.99, with 1GB memory for tunes and index cards, 2.5-inch monochrome screen with display mounted controls, Mac and PC compatible software suite and an included Spanish translator, the Crammer finally makes revision cool. Remember kids, you may not need fancy gadgets to do well at school, but you will need them if you want to impress girls and be popular. It worked for us, right? (Rhetorical question.) [Boing Boing]