Learn The ABCs With Some Mythological Monsters

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Concept artist Nathaniel Anderson has illustrated a really cool graphic called Bestiary Alphabetum, which puts together a mythological creature with a corresponding letter of the alphabet.

They’re all here! I took it upon myself to create an illustration of a Mythological creature or character for every letter of the alphabet, trying to span across a multitude of cultures and creature-types. Another thing I wanted to accomplish with this project was to find some the more unusual and/or obscure creatures that don’t get as much representation in artwork.


Here’s a couple of examples of the piece:

K, K and L:


Y and Z:


It looks like he’s planning on turning the work into a short, illustrated book, which would be really cool to own. (Although, not really for kids).

Take a look at the rest of the illustrations, along with links to some explanations and background information on each one.