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Learn to Build a Shrimp Trap With Sticks and Reeds Before We're All Dead

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Climate change. AI takeover. Coffee wars instigated by millennial java addicts. The threats to humanity’s future are many and our defenses, sadly, are few. You can try to flee to another planet before it all pops off, but unless you’re a literal billionaire, it’s probably better to think small. Like really small. I’m talking about fucking shrimp.

Assuming there’s still water in the After Times, shrimp could potentially serve as a decent source of protein and unlike, say, elk, are relatively easy to catch. How? Let Primitive Technology be your guide:

Using just vines, sticks and reeds, the YouTube channel’s silent, invariably shirtless host shows us how to make a simple but reliable shrimp trap in the video above.


“This method of catching shrimp is easy with the only skill needed being basketry,” writes Primitive Technology. “In practice, a long stretch of creek might have several traps collecting food each day without any effort on the part of the fisherman. Bait is not necessary to catch shrimp as they will be naturally be drawn to the fish trap out of curiosity.”

Sure, it’s not as flashy as some of his other builds, but when you’re starving in the woods hiding from marauding Scientology gangs, just try eating a forge blower.