Leave-In Compact SD Cards Boost Your MacBook's Storage Capacity

The MacBook Air's incredibly thin form factor is made possible largely in part by its use of a solid-state drive—or SSD—instead of a more traditional and thicker hard drive with moving parts. The downside is that SSDs are still considerably smaller in capacity than traditional hard drives, but PNY now has an easy way to boost your MBA's storage by taking advantage of the laptop's integrated SD card slot.

Available now in 64GB and 128GB capacities, PNY's StorEDGE flash memory expansion modules are basically slightly shorter SD cards that sit flush to the edge of your MacBook when inserted in its SD slot. For $100 and $200 respectively, they're an easy way to give your laptop more capacity for media, without having to swap in a larger SSD drive and go through the pain of reinstalling the OS. [PNY]


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