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LED Carpets Guarantee You'll Never Get Lost In an Airport Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With a development that will surely appeal to airports, Philips has announced a partnership with flooring manufacturer Desso to produce a light transmissive LED-powered carpet that can be used to display warning messages, directions, or even fancy glowing designs. And airports are just the tip of the glowy-floor iceberg.

In an airport setting a glowing carpet would make finding the luggage carousels or a specific gate even easier if the directions were underfoot. It would also serve to make the spaces seem less cluttered, as information wouldn't have to be crammed onto overhead signage everywhere. And casino carpeting could become even more gaudy and busy with colorful glowing patterns, helping to hide the dirt from foot traffic and encouraging patrons to avert their eyes towards the gaming tables.


Philips and Desso will be revealing more details about the initiative sometime in 2014, including the official product branding. But the two companies already have pilot projects in several markets which means the carpets do exist, and could be rolled out (get it?) in new facilities before the end of 2014. [Philips via Inhabitat]