LED Gloves Demonstrate the Future of Tacky Manicures

Illustration for article titled LED Gloves Demonstrate the Future of Tacky Manicures

We don't know what the future holds...(OK, we totally do because Gizmodo owns a time machine on review loan that's embargoed for, somewhat ironically, after the world has ended). But anyway, in the future before the world has ended, expect to see something like these LED gloves that will add a touch of hooker to your otherwise humdrum life (staring at a white wall for eight hours daily while robots take care of our infrastructure). Buy them now before inflation skyrockets the price past $45. [Lux et Deco via technabob]


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Broken Machine

I have work gloves with 3 leds at the palm, and honestly, they never aim where you need them. Fingertip ones might be better. Honestly, like the aforementioned gloves, I'll probably receive these as a gift (when what I really need is night vision goggles!). Head mounted lights are OK (white LEDS killing off the red LED headlamps still leaves me bitter).