LEGO Mindstorm Ogre Autonomously Detects, Targets, and Destroys Other LEGO Creations

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This is "Ogre," an autonomous, projectile-launching, LEGO block-destroying remote control tank. Ogre could honestly be the first LEGO creation I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. No minifig is safe this afternoon.

Ogre is a "Tank" built around a Zamor launching system nicknamed "Hailstorm". It uses three XL PF motors, controlled either by a standard PF remote, or by the on-board (black) NXT using the Hitechnic IRLink. It also has a small wireless "spycam" attached, so that the driver can "see" what the robot sees. The result is a lot of fun to drive around, and even more fun to watch it autonomously detect, target, and destroy loose LEGO targets.

Watch as Ogre detects the right and left edges of its target. Then watch Hailstorm go to work. After that, gaze on as a few Imperial Stormtroopers feel the full wrath of those rapid-fire projectiles. Seriously a cool little tank. I just wouldn't want to be walking around Lego Land right now, is all. [Nowhereelse - Thanks, Steve!]