Lego Sofa: Complete Lego Life Transformation Now Possible

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Lego style has apparently been appropriated by the sofa-making industry, whose product called Bekky lets you construct your favorite configuration out of its interlocking pieces, rubberized for your comfort and ready for your speedy modifications.


The commodious components work just like Lego, and drain your wallet in a similar fashion, to the tune of $466 for the four-piece set. Now you can live a nearly-complete Lego life.

Lego-shaped Sofa [Spluch]



Here you go Pete... saved you the time of having to post this yourself. No go bother some other forum.


"The word LEGO® is a brand name and is very special to all of us in the LEGO Group Companies. We would sincerely like your help in keeping it special. Please always refer to our bricks as 'LEGO Bricks or Toys' and not 'LEGOS.' By doing so, you will be helping to protect and preserve a brand of which we are very proud and that stands for quality the world over.

Thank you!

Peter Brandtmoore,

Consumer Services."