Lego's Ornaments Leave Everything To Your Imagination

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Compared to Chris McVeigh's festive creations, Lego's official offering leaves something to be desired. But at the same time, it's nice to see them encouraging imagination and creativity, which is what makes Lego so awesome in the first place.

Where as Chris' creations let you hang everything from a miniature death star to a gingerbread house on your tree, Lego has simply filled a three inch clear plastic ball with a random assortment of either red, green, or gold bricks.


A matching ribbon lets them hang from your tree, or you can open them up and build your own creation as you see fit. Unfortunately the $8 ornaments are already sold out on Lego's site, but there are a few still available from places like Amazon, if you're willing to pay a premium. [Lego via GeekAlerts]