Leica M8: Best of the Old and New

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Leica goes a long way toward recapturing its glory days with the M8, which harkens to the time when the company's famed rangefinder, mirrored reflex system and fine lenses ruled the camera world. In fact, the M8 is the first digital iteration of Leica's M-series, and naturally, its combination of old-school metal body and digital technology takes advantage of every lens ever made by Leica since 1954.

The 10.3 megapixel shooter also brings a wide range of sensitivity, with a basic ISO 160 speed that maxes out at ISO 2500, giving you exceptional available light performance. The feature list is long for this luxo-sport Leica; it's packed with the best of both analog and digital worlds. This might be the most important release at Photokina 2006. You'll pay dearly for this Teutonic excellence, though, it's $4795 for the camera body only; the lenses ain't cheap, either.

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