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SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is underway in Las Vegas, and our esteemed compatriots at Jalopnik are there, where they saw Jay Leno rolling out the EcoJet, the latest supercar concept that he and GM VP of Global Design Ed Welburn (pictured with Leno above) sketched out on a napkin. Just in time for Halloween, it's a bio-diesel monster with 650hp under the hood, powered by a Honeywell LT101 turbine engine fueled by refined vegetable oil or even animal fat.

The car resembles a Corvette, using a modified Corvette Z06 aluminum frame underneath, and it has other GM styling cues such as the nose, which looks like a Cadillac STS. The similarity ends there, though, because this is a mid-engine behemoth, looking more like an aircraft than a car. What a spectacular design and engineering feat! We're hoping the GM Design Studio and its attendant suits will decide put something like this on the road sometime soon. Could the 2008 Corvette steal an idea or two from this?


The EcoJet: Jay Leno's New GM-Outsourced Supercar [Jalopnik]