Lenovo Android LePhone Has Gesture Support and Snapdragon Chip

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Lenovo has really impressed at CES this year, with the UI hybrid and Skylight, and now its first smartphone, called LePhone. Despite its French-sounding name, this baby is destined for China only.


Interestingly, the 3.7-inch touchscreen Android phone comes with a dock, which then gives it a QWERTY keyboard, long-life battery and inbuilt speakers. Again, like the UI Hybrid tablet/laptop, this LePhone gives two options for use.

The LePhone will be on sale in China in the first half of 2010, and running Android 1.6 it'll also have Lenovo's skin over the top. Internally it's all running on a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is certainly he flavor of the past few months for smartphones. Two cameras, one forward-facing and one back-facing,


Located on the side of the LePhone is a button which turns on gesture support, which can be used with Google Maps. Moving the phone around in front of you will determine the angle in which you see the map.

It's an exciting first move for Lenovo, and hopefully we'll see it given a release date outside of China. [Information Week]

Image Credit: Pocket-Lint