Lenovo Parodies MacBook Air Ad For X300

Most parody videos are lame in the sense that they take one joke and stretch it to 60 seconds, but Lenovo's one joke actually works when properly executed. Not to spoil anything, but it's a send-up of the MacBook Air in favor of Lenovo's own X300. According to Fake Steve, it's been sent around to component suppliers and contract manufacturers in China, no doubt eliciting much har hars as they forward it on to their friends. [Fake Steve - Thanks Dave!]

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The tangle of wires was ridiculous. The same thing could have been done without half of that mess. But seriously, who doesn't use a DVD drive? Hello, movies? Yes, I have movies backed up that I transfer over to my laptop. But that solution has serious limitations. It means that I had to take the time prior to my trip to conduct the transfer, and that I have storage space available for movies. DVD's, for all the talk of an end of physical media, are still remarkably versatile. They take moments to load, are available at your local blockbuster, and don't add too much to your backpack size. Also, I still load most of my purchased software via DVD. Yes, freeware and patches are loaded via the net, but CS3, Office, OS's, these all require a DVD drive (in my non-cutting edge world). The lack of a DVD drive is a serious limitation for me, sorry Air.