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I love the x60 Thinkpad. It's small, solidly built, and has a model with built in cellular data. A few days ago, the blogs went mad over leaked info about an X60 tablet with Core Duo and Solo processors, and the ability to use both a magnetic pen (standard on tablets) or a finger to draw on the touchscreen. More options generally aren't a bad thing.


The main thing I find strange is...

...the very concept of a Thinkpad tablet.
No tablet hinge I've ever seen has been sturdier than a couple of plastic straws tied together. It's the very concept of a rotating, swiveling, and ultimately cracking hinge that seems at odds with the essence of what makes a ThinkPad so geektastically bulletproof and protected by IBM tech support Angels.

This is all theory; there is no recall for the not even released notebook, rumor-whores. In fact, I'm sure that if anyone can build a tablet with a strong hinge, its IBM/Lenovo. But part of me that that loves the X60, wishes it could be left alone as the iconic road warrior notebook I think of it as. Tablets are for babies.

PS: This isn't their only Tablet. The X40 (pictured) has a similar screen size as the X60, albeit with a slower Pentium M chip and has no option for cell data.


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