Way back in April was when we first showed you details on Lenovo's Ideapad U8 mobile internet device, and Lenovo's just launched it at the Beijing Olympics. The palmtop phone/PC has an Intel Atom Z500 ticking away inside at 800MHz, GPS, dual cameras, and with 1GB of RAM and a sizable 6GB SSD. Connectivity-wise, it's fully loaded with 802.11 b/g wi-fi, Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G support and apparently "WiMAX support." There's also a dongle for picking up China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting signals so you can watch the Olympics for free. But therein lies the rub: The 10.6-ounce, vaguely PSP-like U8 is a China-only gizmo, so you won't care that it'll have a price "equivalent" to other smartphones. [Pocketables]


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