Let Your Hello Kitty Watch Be All It Can Be

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On its own, the Hello Kitty McDonalds watch is yet another landfill-bound plastic chotchke. Not very green thinking. Luckily, Instructables has put together a handy how-to for turning yours into a cool custom timepiece.


All it takes is an Xacto knife, super glue, triangular head screwdriver, and a printout of the picture you want—and of course the Hello Kitty McDonalds watch. Just remove the toddler-size watchband and get to tinkering! In much less time than it takes for that Happy Meal to pass through your small intestine, you'll have your very own custom Domo watch! Or one with your girlfriend. Or Boba Fett. Or a different, even cuter picture of Hello Kitty. The choice is yours. [Instructables]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Umm, why are you buying a happy meal if you don't have a child to give the watch to?