Let Your iPhone Naturally Bump Music When You Ride

I'm going to buy a bike this summer. It's time to enjoy this city. But as most of you guys probably know, everything is better with music! This iPhone bicycle mount/passive amplifier will give the soundtrack to my rides.

There's no way I'm plugging in earphones when I ride around, have you seen people drive in New York? I need to be alert. And just the other day, I saw someone hook up a boombox to their bicycle, it was terribly obnoxious (like the people who add bass and bass and bass to their car audio system). I want to enjoy my music. I want something more natural, like this Ozaki iCarry Bike L that'll mount to my bike's handlebars and passively amplifies my iPhone's volume. It'll give me the perfect soundtrack to pretend like I'm in my own music video. $50 [Ozaki via OhGizmo!]


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