LG 42" Xcanvas With 160GB Of PR()|\|

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LG is releasing the 42LP1DR LCD TV soon. The model number may not be that big of a deal, but the feature set is making me wiggle. The 42" HD-ready LCD TV will feature a built-in 160GB hard drive for recording your HD shows and movies. This is great because it allows you to ditch the PVR box and keep your living room (or bathroom, if you're that cool) looking streamlined and uncluttered. The TV can do 13 hours of HD recording, 63 hours of SD recording, and you can even pull in pics through the built-in 9 in 1 card reader. This of course means you can do your photo viewing, movie viewing, MP3 playing, etc. through the same TV interface. Keep an eye out for this hot number from LG as no pricing or release date is set.


LG 42LP1DR 42" LCD TV with 160 GB Hard Drive [New Launches]