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LG Can Help You Ditch Your Work Phone Using a Virtual Android OS

Illustration for article titled LG Can Help You Ditch Your Work Phone Using a Virtual Android OS

LG have been showing off a Verizon Revolution that runs a virtual Android machine. So what? So, that means you can run a work phone as a virtual device on your personal phone — and junk your crappy second handset.


Just like running a remote desktop on your personal computer when you need to work from home, LG has decided that the time — and the technology — has come to do the same with your phone, reports The Verge from CES.

Running a VMware virtual Android machine, LG's Verizon Revolution allows users to run their own smartphone, then click over to a totally sandboxed "work" phone that's managed by an employer.


The best news is that this isn't some crazy-ass prototype: LG are going to be launching a phone with this tech "in the coming months" according to The Verge. The feature will, apparently, only be available on new LG devices, so you'll have to upgrade if you want to ditch your work phone for good. [The Verge]

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My work phone is a Droid X2, not too shabby. First Android phone I've used, have an iPhone 4s for my personal.

How does this work with multiple numbers? If someone calls your work number, which is being virtualized on your personal phone, does the call still come through correctly? What about other notifications like text and email?

Will phones eventually be able to virtualize multiple environments, allowing for one device to potentially take calls from say 5 different numbers or so?