LG "Chocolate" Phone Not What You Think

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I tell you, Valentine's Day sure cleans up. And I'm glad to see it's not just us stupid Americans who take this ridiculous holiday so seriously. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a nice excuse for me to get flowers and presents (note to husband, no chocolate thongs please) but to actually name a phone for it seems a wee bit silly. However, if you're interested, take a look-see at LG's Chocolate phones (or, the LG-SV590/KV5900/LP5900), three sexy, upscale phones with gold decorations that will be marketed by LG through chocolate e-cards and a contest where a lucky 20 people will receive one of these beauties. Not much more info than that right now, but if you couldn't guess, they're just in Korea at this time anyhow. Vive le Valentine!


[Editors Note: This was written by Tobey, a woman. I, however, do like chocolate thongs - JB]


LG launches "Chocolate" Cell Phones (LG-SV590/KV5900/LP5900) [Mobilewhack]

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Looks aren't everything unfortunately my daughter and I have constant probs with ours. Mine has a white screen I can't get rid of at the moment so I'm having to use and pay for private calls on my work mobile which is an old reliable Nokia. I have lots of credit on my LG but doesn't work when I want to use it. These phones don't seem to work at all when they get cold. The camera and video are good when the phone is working but the unreliability means taking a seperate phone to things like gigs which sort of defeats the object of having a camera phone. The red controls are so sensitive the phone has called people and taken pictures all by itself. Yet lots of people still say they'd like one !!!