LG Files Patent for Way-Cool Detachable Wireless Earbuds

Illustration for article titled LG Files Patent for Way-Cool Detachable Wireless Earbuds

LG just figured out a way to nestle a couple of wireless earbuds into the hinge of a clamshell handset. Leave them attached to the phone, and they act like a couple of ordinary small speaker/microphones, but pop them out and stick them in your ears, and you've got yourself some rockin' 'phones without all those wires. When the phone rings, one of these acoustic transducers is used as the mike and the other as an earpiece. LG also designed a version of the tiny wireless cans for a candybar-style phone, where the two earpieces are stuck into the top and bottom of the front of the device. Neat stuff, but it looks like those small pieces would be easy to lose. [US Patent & Trademark Office, via Unwired View]


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I want this idea to work, but if these drop on the floor I'm not sticking them back in my ear.