LG G2 Leaked Images Show a Well-Rounded New Smartphone

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Today, LG is expected to launch the G2 smartphone—the followup to last year's badass Optimus G. Here are two supposed press shots of the new flagship, courtesy of the Evlinks twitter account that seems to always be getting its hands on hot images. Ooooo, shiny!


The purported new phone shows at least two changes over last year's Optimus G. First, it appears LG is ditching the boxy design for one with rounded corners. In fact, the phone bears some resemblance to the Nexus 4, which you'll recall was built for Google by LG. The rumor mill says we'll be getting a 5-inch-plus smartphone from LG today, so if this design pans out, at least the roundedness should make it a more comfortable hold than some of the boxier jumbo handsets out there..

The back of the G2 also appears to feature a protective cover for the rear-facing camera. This should help you avoid scratch damage as well as preventing dust from getting into the lens and mucking up your photos. This isn't exactly a new design choice, but we haven't seen it on a phone in a while. Like have you seen it on anything since the Nokia N85 back in 2008?

We'll know for sure what LG has in store for us later today. In the meantime, there's more than enough here to get excited about. [Evleaks]


I would like to see a profile shot of this to see how much bulk the camera protector adds... seems like an odd design choice this day and age.