LG Trucks Out New 50" and 60" Plasmas

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Measuring at 50" and 60", the two PY2R and 42PC1D series screens incorporate LG's "Clear Filter" technology that uses a film filter instead of the traditional glass filter to reduce reflection, glare, and double imaging. The 42PC1d is a 1024x768 screen with two HDMI ports, and the PY2R has 1366x768 resolution.

Both plasmas have LG's "XD Engine" technology, which is a fancy way of saying it "takes low or standard resolution signals to near high-definition levels by improving brightness, contrast, detail and enhancing colour, as well as reducing signal noise."


Available now-ish for $2,360-$2,835.

LG launches two new plasmas [Tech Digest via Digital Lifestyle Mag]

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