LG 'World's Thinnest' LCD TVs Are Just 6mm Thick

Illustration for article titled LG 'World's Thinnest' LCD TVs Are Just 6mm Thick

I'm not entirely sure that these sets can lay claim an actual record, but LCD's 1080p, 6mm-deep, sub-20lb, 42-inch and 47-inch TVs do look awfully thin.


Unfortunately LG's ultra-thin new sets—which boast 8ms response time, LG's TruMotion 120hz video smoothing technology and a space-saving LGS (light guide sheet) backlighting technology—appear to be, at least for now, trade show gimmicks. That means no price, no model name, no date of availability. And without seeing, in person, whether this LGS backlighting provides a comparable image to a regular CCFL backlight, it difficult to guess if we'll even see any of the new technology in production sets. But that's fine—for now, we gawk. [Tech-on]



Really, whats the point of all of these thin tvs? So pointless really.