LG's 20-inch LCD Plays Nice with DVI and USB Connections

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Looking for a quick way to connect a secondary display to your PC? LG's new L206WU can be hooked up via DVI, VGA or USB. Like the Samsung LCD we saw earlier, this display can let you daisy-chain up to six units all via USB and without the need for a monster graphics card. Spec-wise, it's got a 1680x,050 resolution and a 2ms response time, which along with the larger screen size is more than enough to give that Samsung a run for its money.


LG L206WU 20" LCD Choice of Interfaces [Everything USB]

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Just a quick note on UK availability for the L206WU...

LG UK has NO IDEA about who stocks their monitor, I've had several useless emails from them saying that specific retailers have the monitor, when those retailers subsequently say they've never heard of it.

Anyway, enough rant. I've found some retailers that stock it, and it's available online today, April 1st 2008 (not an April Fool's joke) at the following (and probably others retailers too):







LG should pay me and sack their sales staff! (Sorry, more gratuitous rant).